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Recent Videos
Editing Reel

Recent Videos

Video Editing Demo Reel

This is a combination of techniques to show some skills in video editing.  In this reel, I used the software mentioned above on different projects, different times.


"The Journey that changed our lives" 

This is the story that landed me to win my first award in the video industry of my home country.

Activities performed by me: 

• Scripting & writing

• Direction of photography

• Sound

• Video editing

• Music selection and Audio post




Video Post-Production

During my final years of college, I learned how to create videos from conception to completion, including scripting, technical scripting, shooting plans, production, and post-production of video and audio.

In 2005, I finished an 8-month video editing course at Escuela de Cine y Television de Venezuela (School of Television and Cinema of Venezuela), where I learned everything I know about video editing.

In 2007, I started my first job as an Avid Editor in the promotions department of Caracas' TV station Venevisión. After a few years of freelance editing at that TV station and other production companies, I founded Easy Record in 2008 with a good team of professionals.

We are proud to have completed our first in-house production for the Sun Channel Tourism Television International TV Station. The television shows were broadcast in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our work extended beyond our borders, taking us to nine European countries and seven South American countries.

After 5 years, I established my own company, TR Communications, where I continued to work on video productions, video editing, and Final Cut instructor for businesses. I also completed a 12-episode TV show for scientists called 'Ciencia para Todos' (Science for All) as Director of Photography for a local TV station right before moving to Washington DC.

Video Software Experience


Apple Final Cut


Adobe Premier


Avid Media Composer

I learned Final Cut 4 on G4 Mac computer in 2005. Since then I've been using this tool seeing its evolution and changes. I also got 3 certifications as a Final Cut editor. The current version I have is Final Cut 10.4.10

I learned Adobe Premiere on G4 Mac computer in 2003. It was my first Video editor. Since 2018 I'm using it with Creative Cloud. The current version I have is Premiere Pro V14 CC2023

I learned Avid on a Windows-based computer in 2007 at Venevision and I used on production companies for 3 years approximately. Since then I don't use Avid. 

Video Production


Adobe - After Effecs

The demanding market of video editors started to change years ago. I learned the basics of the software to complement the video process in a professional way. The current version I have is After Effects V17.0.4 CC2023

I worked actively on Video Production between the years 2008 - 2022 playing several roles, from the cameraman, video editor to Audiovisual director in my own company Easy Record Productions. During this period of time, I was part of the team for a Documentary rolled in 9 countries of Europe being in charge of the photography and camera. With my team, I successfully completed 13 TV shows for Sun Channel Tourism Television from Scripting to final delivery. Under my direction, we made TV commercials nationally and some other internationals. In 2010 - 2011 we traveled to South America to complete the recording of a Documentary series called the Andes Conquest. There are many stories, growing and, learning in these years. 

Video production skills

• Leadership

• Project coordination

• Motivation

• Good communication

• Problem solver

• Camera operating - Since 2005

• Proficiency with Camcorders

• Proficiency with DSLR

• Video Signals

• Recording and switching 

Videographer Demo Reel

This is a collection of takes done by myself in different places, years, and projects.  Here what I basically do is to show some skills with several video cameras, composition, styles, and techniques. 

Photo gallery

• Audio recording

• Microphone understanding

• Digital video recording

• Audio Post-production

• Audio mixing and mastering 

• Light setup

• Light Temperature

• Fill Light and Key light

• Decorating lights

• Differences of lights 

Easy Records Demo Reel

This was part of the portfolio done by the company Easy Record, which I had the pleasure to fund and direct with a very nice team of professionals. Due to the political and economical crisis in Venezuela, I had to close in 2003.