My Experience

After graduating in 2003, I got my first job as an assistant in a recording studio for 1 year, later I wanted to explore radio, Live Sound (PA), and finally TV. I had the opportunity of exploring the audio field as much as I could, understanding several processes, learning from experienced professionals. Being audio one of my passions I developed skills on studio recordings, live concerts, FOH mixer as well Monitor desk, being this one my favorite. 

    Later I learned how to install and calibrate speakers for concerts, audio post-production for video, and my last and not less important achievement as a music producer on my project Lyonen. 

   On the music page, you can read more in detail about my music project however from the perspective of an audio engineer, It's been a long road full of learning to produce my own full album, where I combined music skills, arrangement, sound design, mixing, and mastering. 


Audio Software Experience

Protools logo.jpg

Avid - Protools

2003 - Present

2003 - Present

I learned Protools 5.1 on G3 Mac computer in 2002. Since then I've been using this tool seeing its evolution and changes. The current version I have is Protools 2020.11


Apple Logic

2003 - 2005 / 2011 - 2015

It was the third audio software I learned significantly. I used logic audio for the first time while I was working at the recording studio Autana in 2003.  I am not using this SW in the present. 


Steinberg - Cubase

2003 - 2006

Cubase was a very good tool while I was working at Venevisión on my first days as Audio Editor at the promo department before migrating to Digidesign protools 7 in 2005


Motu - DP

2003 - 2004

This a very powerful DAW learned on school days. I had a lot of recording bands, tv commercials and voice over using Motu interfaces, however for some unknown reason I switched back to Protools. 

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